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BODY EFFECTS – Chisel A Perfect Body

Get the edge on fighting fat! Now you can transform your body from fat and flabby to fit and lean with the power of BODY EFFECTS by Power Performance Products. Ours was one of the very-first-ever powdered weight-loss supplements on the market to combine the fat-blasting effectiveness of proven fat burners…  (more…)

RESET – The Fountain Of Youth Is Actually A Powder

There’s a Revolution happening. It’s time to RESET your body’s ability to increase production of its own HGH as you REV UP YOUR ENERGY to build and keep the body you want. Its time to RESET your body’s ability to fight the ravages of stress and aging tearing you down from the inside out. It’s time to join the Revolution and get RESET!(more…)

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Body Effects


Citrus Cherry
Fruit Punch
Green Apple

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