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4 Jars of Reset

Colostrum has been called the promise of life, and research shows that it is the one supplement that can bring help to everyone that uses it. Colostrum is the key HGH precursor ingredient in RESET, our newest energy filled, antiaging formula pre-workout powdered supplement. Colostrum is found in all mammals’ milk and is passed from mother to child through breastfeeding to stimulate the initial growth factor. The child will then produce its own growth hormone until growth is completed, at which point, production drops off dramatically. The real irony is that human growth hormone is the closest thing we have to the fountain of youth, but production is greatest during one’s youth and not as an adult. IGF-1 rich bovine colostrum is the purest and most readily available form of Colostrum and nearly identical to the serum in humans. By adding Colostrum to RESET, we are once again stimulating an increase in the body’s natural production of HGH to help build and keep lean body mass, as well as helping with weight control and reducing belly fat in the midsection in addition to many other health benefits.

adminReset – Ingredient Profile – Colostrum, It’s the Fountain of Youth

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