Fight Back The Effects of Aging With Our “Reset” Pre-Workout Formula

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"Reset" - Pre-Workout Antiaging Formula


Pre-Workout Antiaging Formula

One of the most promising areas of antiaging research is telomere biology. If you haven’t heard of them before, telemeres are tiny protective caps located at the end of each DNA strand in our body that protect the code contained in every chromosome. Think of them as being like those plastic ends on shoelaces that keep the laces from unraveling. These  telemeres shorten as we age, leaving the DNA vulnerable. One of the most destructive effects to the telomeres comes from oxidative stress caused by free radicals running wild in our bodies. When we created Power Performance Products’s new Reset formula, we put extra effort into addressing this oxidative stress by including a powerfully effective dose of antioxidants to fight the destructive effects of free radicals. Reset is the very first pre-workout ENERGY product to address the stresses at the root of aging, while also stimulating the body’s ability to create it’s own human growth hormone or HGH. HGH declines dramatically as we age and this decline is responsible for many of the negative side effects of aging we see in our bodies as we grow older. Now you can fight back at the effects of aging with the one-two punch antioxidants and HGH precursors of “Reset” our first Advanced Pre-Workout Antiaging Formula.


adminFight Back The Effects of Aging With Our “Reset” Pre-Workout Formula

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