Are you a slave to the scale?

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All body weight is not created equal. Fat and muscle both show up the same way when we step onto the scale – as pounds (or kilograms to some of you). When starting a weight-loss program, many of us become slave to the scale and feel like we’re winning or losing based on those daily numbers the scale flashes back at us. But fat and muscle are very different in composition. Fat deposits make us look puffy and pudgy, while lean, strong muscles give our bodies definition and sculpted shape. Yet muscle is denser than fat and actually weighs more. Muscle is a metabolic powerhouse, burning calories and releasing feel-good neurochemicals. Fat, on the other hand, releases harmful stress hormones that drag our emotions and our health downward. Strength training should be an important component in any sensible weight-loss program, but if you are putting in the hard work, don’t be discouraged if the scale doesn’t always show dramatic losses in weight. You are probably building muscle, which is just what you want to do – and that new muscle you gain will go farther than anything else to guarantee that you reach your body goals and hold onto them. Remember that Body Effects has everything you need to control your appetite, keep your mood up, and promote healthy muscle growth as you burn and lose that excess weight.

adminAre you a slave to the scale?

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