The new year is upon us…

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The new year is upon us and the gyms will soon be full with many eager to start a new year pledge to lose weight, get fit or just undo the damage done by too much holiday fun. But don’t be pushed out by the crowds because in a few months from now, the numbers will start to diminish when those best intentions of many begin to fall by the wayside. Do yourself a big favor to help you get off to a great start and make that appointment now with a fitness trainer at your gym so you can get your personal, sensible program on track for success. Start the new year out at a steady pace and work your way up to where you eventually want to be – and remember to mix things up to keep your workouts interesting as well as effective.

Balance those weight and resistance training sessions with aerobic cardio work on other days, and don’t forget to include some comprehensive stretch based work like yoga or Pilates. Your body will thank you for it. If there are days you just can’t make it to the gym, even 10 to 30 minutes of active calisthenics or stretch band work will keep you moving ahead to that goal of a healthier, fitter you. Here’s to a healthy, Happy “New Year” from everyone at Power Performance Products.

adminThe new year is upon us…

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