Body Effects – The Perfect Energy Drink!

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Body Effects boosts your energy

Body Effects gives you energy

With all the various energy drinks on the market, from Red Bull to Monster to Rockstar, have you wondered which one is the best?  The answer is none of the above. Here’s why.  A serving of Red Bull or Monster or Rockstar costsover $3 apiece.  That’s a lot of money and it adds up. On top of that, these drinks are loaded with all kinds of artificial ingredients and preservatives that the body wasn’t meant to absorb. So you’re paying for the preservatives, you’re paying for the chemicals, and you’re paying for the cans.

Now consider the advantages of Body Effects.  It provides a-near immediate shot of energy (2-3 minutes), there are no preservatives, the ingredients are natural or naturally-derived, it’s always fresh because it’s mixed with water with every use, and each serving is under $2.  And if that math isn’t enough, remember that you’re also getting an appetite suppressant, mood enhancer and a fat-burner all for the same two bucks or less!

Oh, and don’t forget taste and variety.  Body Effects now comes in 10 flavors, so pick your favorite or vary it up.

It’s hard to argue with the numbers and all the benefits. No canned or bottled energy drink can top Body Effects. So whether you’re looking for a mean workout, powering through an all-nighter cram for the exam or just need a shot when you’re dragging, all the money’s on Body Effects by Power Performance Products.


adminBody Effects – The Perfect Energy Drink!

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